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Emma PeelEmma Peel - A small website containing information about the actress Diana Rigg and her role as Emma Peel in The Avengers. Pages on Diana Rigg, Diana Rigg gallery, The Avengers TV Series UK & pictures of Emma Peel.

Emma Peel Catsuit pictures including her leather catsuit, her catsuit with holes and her early latex Emma Peel catsuit. Links to other catsuit related sites with details of her influence on 1960's fashion.

Emma Peel Catsuit

She wore a number of leather catsuits in her early series which influenced some of the 1960's fashion. Her mod style of dress typified the period and the character is still considered to be a paragon of style. Fashionwise, she was best remembered for the leather catsuit she often wore in her first season. The catsuits were usually made of leather or stretch fabrics and as the show grew in popularity the cut-outs in her cat suit grew larger and larger.

After one particular show, where Emma Peel wore a wetsuit-type catsuit, the immediate effect was that many designers everywhere started to copy the sleek new look of the Emma Peel Catsuit. Some of the clothes she wore were even influenced by Yves Saint Laurent and it is often thought that she influenced the great man himself.

Emma Peel Catsuit (click to enlarge)

Emma Peel Catsuit (click to enlarge)

Fighting scenes
For her athletic fight scenes, Emma Peel became well known for wearing a black leather trouser suit, which earned the name The Emmapeeler. Created by top fashion designer John Bates, the leather suit established an important fashion trend in the mid-1960s. It also became, with the Emma Peel Catsuitthe first wardrobe item designed for a TV show to be fully adapted to retail distribution, selling throughout England and Europe.

Emma Peel Catsuit (click to enlarge)

Emma Peel Catsuit (Click to enlarge)

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Emma Peel Catsuit (click to enlarge)

Influence on Catwoman
In November of 2001, the sultry Catwoman (of comic book fame) traded in her silicone and purple spandex for an Emma Peel-esque look and a new bold direction - the Emma Peel Catsuit direction.

Apparently the writers were looking for a new image and were considering the cartoon Snoopy as a styling guru model, when one of them mentioned Emma Peel and her Emma Peel catsuit - "what, they call that a catsuit ! - then we've gotta use it !!!!" - honest.
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