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A small website containing information about the actress Diana Rigg and her role as Emma Peel in The Avengers. Pages on Diana Rigg, Diana Rigg gallery, The Avengers TV Series UK & pictures of Emma Peel.

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Emma, played by Diana Rigg, was the leading female character in the Avengers from 1965-67

She can be categorized as the high kicking, leather sporting sex goddess in the same vein as Catwoman. She may have been the image of true feminism but even at her most seductive, she never sold out. She was smart without being cocky, sexy without being slutty and always an equal. Emma Peel never resorted to the self-deprecating tactics of body piercings, tattoos or four letter words in order to stand on even terms with a man. She relied on wit, charm and an unflappable sense of self. Men wanted her, respected her and if they didn't, they received a karate chop on the back of the neck and were flipped over into the next room - after all, when a girl's dealing with dangerous types, Emma would always look to her best talents.

Some facts about Emma Peel

In the Avengers, Emma's maiden name was Emma Knight. She married test pilot Peter Peel, whose body wasn't immediately found after a plane crash. He was later found alive in the Amazon, giving Emma Peel/Diana Rigg a convenient reason for leaving the series.

Emma had two children, Orange and Lemon, she was nearly 5' 9" tall. Emma was born in the late '30s. Emma became Chairman/woman of her father's corporation aged 21.

Emma was also played by Uma Thurman in 1998

Where two British agents (John Steed and Emma Peel) team up to stop Sir August De Wynter from destroying the world with a weather changing machine.

Fact - The name Emma Peel was a play on the phrase "man appeal" ("m-appeal")

Fact - There was also a punk pop group in the 1990's of the same name - taking their name from the Avengers heroine, New York's Emma Peel were a trashy punk quintet with a certain twanginess that earned them comparisons to the Geraldine Fibbers. Their only album was 1995's Play Emma for Me, released on Sympathy for the Record Industry, which featured several songs from a live gig at CBGB's. The group toured in 1996 and sometimes included former Pain Teens singer Bliss Blood, who never recorded with them owing to their imminent breakup.

Emma Peel - played by Uma Thurman

Emma Peel in the Avengers

Other side kicks to John Steed

Honor Blackman played Cathy Gale from 1962 to 1965, before leaving the show to play Pussy Galore in Goldfinger.

As Steed's third female compatriot, Tara King bent the established rules of the partnership, that is, Tara was clearly in love with Steed. Called Tara-Ra-Boom-Di-Ay by Steed, Tara was much more traditionally feminine than either Emma Peel or Cathy Gale. In fact, while Emma and Cathy were martial arts experts, Tara carried a brick in her purse!

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